Nanoplas has developed some unique ICP plasma processing technology which is ideal for MEMs, 3D TSV and advanced packaging applications.

HDRF is an innovative approach for dry processing

The Nanoplas HDRF patented technology produces a high-density flux of radicals, free of ions, electrons and photons. The charging effects and UV radiation normally associated with conventional plasma systems are totally eliminated from the process chamber. There is no surface bombardment that typically causes defects within the device structures. Isotropic in nature, HDRF processing allows isotropic chemical processing in a controlled manner that is unrivaled in the industry. It offers Damage-Free processing and targets the growing demand for low temperature processing.

Because of the high radical density downstream plasma and low temperature capabilities, the Nanoplas HDRF technology is ideal for the following applications:

  • Bosch Polymer Removal

  • Dry release of organic materials

  • Photo resFRT stripping < 80degC and > 120degC

  • Residue removal

  • Surface activation prior to wafer bonding

Product Range;  

DSB 6000  manual loading for MEMS R&D 150 mm wafers
DSB 9000M     manual loading for MEMS R&D 200 mm wafers
DSB 9000A   Robot loading for MEMS Production 200 mm wafers

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